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i have started getting F secure harmful website alerts all over the place, including the Fsecure help site. It seems to indicate any site using Adsplats. This only seems to happen on my laptop, so I assume it has picked up something unwanted. I have scanbned the full PC with Fsecure and nothing shows up. Anybody else had somehting similar?


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    Does this happen with any browser? If you always see the website Adsplats reported, then your browser might be highjacked by some adware.


    Usually those programs are installed with the approval of the user, integrated as an option installing another program, therefore F-Secure does not detect them as a threat, as they are install with consent (should that be the case here).


    Kindly check your list of Windows installed programs, to verify if some program from the list should be removed if you don't recognize it or the name looks suspicious of an adware or advertisement application.


    In Internet Explorer, please check the add-ons installed and remove the unwanted or unrecognized ones. However a full reset would be more advisable:


    - Click Start. Type the following in the Search box without quotes, and press Enter: "inetcpl.cpl"

    - Click the Advanced tab

    - In Reset Internet Explorer settings, click Reset. Click Reset in opened window again.

    - Select Delete personal settings checkbox to remove browsing history, search providers, homepage

    - After Internet Explorer finishes resetting, click Close in the Reset Internet Explorer Settings dialog box



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