iOS and Freedome: manual installation of profile?

Installed Freedome because it is an app which i was looking for ages.


So the app asks me to install a profile trough the website, so it opens Safari, but it only shows a blue background with F-Secure Freedome on top. So copied the link and pasted it in Dolphin browser and that worked. So i pressed the button to install the profile and after a few seconds it goes back to the app and ends with an error and question if i want to add/check it manually. When i go to the VPN settings, nothing has been installed.


Tried it 10 times or so, but no luck. So i thought, let's add it manually. Uhm....yeah why not.....but where is the support for it? No help file, no settingspage on the website nothing. So, let's start a chat then with support. Should be ok isn't? Well, it's not. They told me they do not deliver support for Freedome and sends me back to this forum.


As a security expert ( i can tell you that this is not very userfriendly, even the support. So i hope a manual can be given where all settings are for public. I want to test this app, so i can instruct my clients and visitors to use it, but for now I am frustrated that it already take an hour to set this last point.

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    Hi, sorry to cause bit of a let down there and big thanks for reaching us and being patient anyway. 


    You probably have Javascript disabled? The symptoms seem like that, enabling Javascript for our profile download page would help in that case. 


    I agree that this is a bug that we need to fix (enable installation without Javascript support as well). We already did have a ticket open on this / similar. 


    We do use Javascrip there primarly because of localiations. Not many people surf the web without javascript and we've simply missed this bug. 


    We don't have manual installation path as the download link will actually provide you with a unique to you certificate, so you cannot just enter the VPN server address + some credentials manually to the iOS VPN configuration. 


    What comes to support this is a chosen process for the time being, all our support people simply don't have enough knowledge about the new product yet and you actually do get better and faster response either: 

    1) through this community (link available in-app also: menu-help-visit our community), or 

    2) through email feedback (available in-app also: menu-feedback-send feedback) [email protected]

    3) (not an official support channel, but practically for the time being can fasten your case) tweet @FreedomeVPN


    You raised good points, while the manual profile setup we cannot and will not do, we will increase guidance in-app and in the profile installation page bassed on this feedback and also of course fix the Javascript requirement. 


    P.S. would you email the address above and let us know if you got it working? 


    With kind regards, 

     Janne / Director, F-Secure Freedome 




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    I have enabled javascript for safari and yes, this time it works. But i need javascript disabled, so i disabled it again. Perhaps handy to file this in a readme file?

  • Dear Janne

    It seems that I'm having a similar problem.
    I have downloaded Freedome and was following the process.
    It shows the Fredome Profile in my settings, but it's not available in VPN section.

    Any idea?

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    Hi Iselasticum!


    Just wondering if you're still having this problem, or if a recent update has solved things?  If you still need our help, we're here :)


    // Chrissy

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