fsgk32.exe eating away CPU cycles doing nothing?



I am noticing that my CPU seems to be constantly at 10-15% usage. I have a Core i7 920. I don't know why so then I go into Window's Resource Monitor and then I see fsgk32.exe eating away a constant 9% of my CPU.


I have no idea what it is doing. I have to turn DeepGuard off and back on to get it to stop. Why is this happening? I don't believe it used to do this.


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    and the version you use is... ?

    and the OS you use is ...?

    and the settings for OAS are ...?


    try filmon.exe to get an idea what it is doing.




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    Hello Cvax,


    the issue you describe sounds like you need to open a support ticket.



    To speed up your support request here are some things to remember:


    1. Product you are using and OS
    2. attach FSDIAG
    3. explain the problem and any possible workaround to solve it like done in your post
    4. if possible describe how to reliable reproduce the issue

    In many cases the how to reproduce an issue is halfway to a fix, it is the most valuable information. Unfortunately sometimes an issue will reproduce only in some special environments. That is why fixing stuff can take quite some time and effort.

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    Win7 x64

    What is OAS? Sorry.


    What I have isolated is this happens immediately after I am done playing Battlefield 3. I know Battlefield 3 uses Punkbuster which has its own server thing. It is as if the DeepGuard is trying to scan something constantly after I play the game. Perhaps something with Punkbuster? Perhaps something with Battlefield 3?

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    Good that you found the reason yourself...


    Battlefield 3 has introduced a program that scans your PC for other EA products and forbidden activity.

    and this activity is monitored ba F-Secure.


    This was communicated in the BF3 community and EA received lots of negative feedback abou this. Just check here:




    Decide yourself if you want to share your information with EA. I would not...


    Hope this helps.

  • cvax
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    Why does F-Secure start showing this up not during gameplay, but only immediately after gameplay? It never stops either. I can leave my computer for hours after a game without touching DeepGuard and it will be 9% for the whole entire time. If it is transmitting something it should be able to be done by then I would imagine?


    I monitored it with Resource Monitor and it literally has no activity the whole time I am playing the game and immediately on exit spikes to 9%.

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    Assuming that EA scans your harddiscs for other EA products at that point, it is understandable that the CPU load rises.

    If a process is "touching" a lot of files, all those file accesses are intercepted and files scanned for malware.


    Can you check if the CPU load goes back to normal when you exit the Origin client? (right click on the Origin logo in your system tray and select exit/close)


    Note: just closing the Origin window does not stop Origin from running :)


    Best regards,


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    As apparently BF3 uses PunkBuster, this may be the problem.


    I had the same problem on another game Red Orchestra 2, it got fixed by adding C:/Windows/SysWOW64/PnkBstrB.exe to excluded items in real-time scanning.

  • cvax
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    It appears closing Origin does return the CPU usage down to zero. Any thoughts on preventing the need to close Origin?


    I have not tried excluding Punkbuster from my scan list yet.

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    I would not like to have that software continue its work in the background.

    Anyway: other check: what happens if you turn off/on F-Secure after playing?

    if CPU is normal, then there migt be a race-condition between the two scanners.


    Best Regards


  • cvax
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    Yes, turning DeepGuard off/on also stops fsgk32.exe from its constant 9% CPU churn immediately as well.

  • Jayson
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    Hi cvax,


    Please try to keep the DeepGuard ON but turn OFF the APM.

    - Settings> Computer > DeepGuard.- Clear the Use advanced process monitoring check box.


    Best regards,



  • cvax
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    Hi Jayson,


    Thank you for the response. I will try that later tonight when I get a little time to play.

    Curious, what exactly do I lose in terms of protection with APM off? Thanks.

  • cvax
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    I can confirm that with APM off, after leaving Battlefield 3 while leaving Origin open, the result is instead of fsgk32.exe taking up 9% CPU I now have FSHDLL32.exe taking up 5% and fsgk32.exe taking up 4-5% constantly.


    Again, cycling on/off DeepGuard or just turning off Origin stops the waste of CPU.


    I will now try adding Punkbuster to my exclude list.


    Edit: Looks like excluding PnkBstrB.exe solves it as well. So it is very clear now that F-Secure just does not play well here with Punkbuster. Can the tech guys at F-Secure look into why?



    1. Turn off Origin which in turn would kill the PnkBstrB.exe application

    2. Exclude PnkBstrB.exe from real-time scanning

    3. Power cycle DeepGuard off/on to get it to stop scanning PnkBstrB.exe

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