Why is 666 so prevalent in F-Secure?

I have found references of 666 literally everywhere in F-Secure.

The Webinstaller accesses an FTP with 666 as the directory.

The programID's and ProgramNames all have 666.


Fhoster has program ID of 666.


What's going on? Why 666? Can I get an official response as to why this company seems attracted to the use of 666 everywhere in their product? I won't assume satanists work at F-Secure, but you never know, right?




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    This is no surprise to me; after all did you not see Stefan and Chrissy and the rest of the F-Secure mods winning Eurovision ?




    I thought it was common knowledge that Stefan's main job was as Lordi's front man! Smiley Tongue




    The above photo taken as Stephan finds out that yet another Virgin Media user cannot uninstall their previous AV!!!


    And Chrissy below (Hella) is not happy after her promised pay-rise has not materialised!;




    Lordi, Finland's greatest rock band, they don't make them like this anymore! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mh3hj9-J76Y

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    Hah, good job uncovering our secret identities, Blackcat!  [you couldn't've found a pic of me with less bed-head?]


    Now we'll have to reinvent ourselves as totally different superheroes so as not to jeopardize our ability to protect the world from malware nasties!


    On a more serious note, our Director of Security Products provided this detailed rebuttal on the original question:



    So, I hope that eases everyone's minds a bit Smiley Very Happy



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    Well, better the devil you know...
  • SimonSimon Posts: 2,608 Superuser
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    Seems Blackcat found a photo of me before my first coffee in the morning :)


    Smithers: No need to worry, there are no evil forces in play :)


    This is just a random internal ID for this service.

    Best regards,


  • I am so glad you answered this because I really thought it was one of those it was just my posessed computer type of things and I figured I am not bringing this up until someone else posts about it :) LOL

  • The problem is, the answer doesn't make sense.


    If 666 is the first part of the packaging program, why do other versions use up to 5 digits? I installed my ISP version of F-Secure, and it had a 5-digit pegged to the entire thing.

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