Why is 666 so prevalent in F-Secure?


I have found references of 666 literally everywhere in F-Secure.

The Webinstaller accesses an FTP with 666 as the directory.

The programID's and ProgramNames all have 666.


Fhoster has program ID of 666.


What's going on? Why 666? Can I get an official response as to why this company seems attracted to the use of 666 everywhere in their product? I won't assume satanists work at F-Secure, but you never know, right?





  • Simon
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    Well, better the devil you know...
  • Simon
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    Seems Blackcat found a photo of me before my first coffee in the morning :)


    Smithers: No need to worry, there are no evil forces in play :)


    This is just a random internal ID for this service.

    Best regards,


  • Enfcmedic384
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    I am so glad you answered this because I really thought it was one of those it was just my posessed computer type of things and I figured I am not bringing this up until someone else posts about it :) LOL

  • Smithers2014

    The problem is, the answer doesn't make sense.


    If 666 is the first part of the packaging program, why do other versions use up to 5 digits? I installed my ISP version of F-Secure, and it had a 5-digit pegged to the entire thing.

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