How to install F-Secure SAFE on your PC - for Virgin Media customers



  • Hi Simon,

    Thanks for the info. i've tried with no success... It still stalls saying it's trying to remove Norton 360...

    This is very strange. Any other ideas? It's getting very frustrating.

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    In case F-Secure did not identify the other AV correctly, you could also try  It can detect most anti-virus products, but unfortunately not all versions. I tried it and it didn't detect my newly installed Internet Security 2014 rel 2. But it may be worth a try. On top of that page there's a link "Supported Applications", with a list of applications for different OS, 32-bit and 64 bit. Several Norton 360 versions is in the list.


    To see if you perhaps are infected you can try these free products:

   (this product scans for malware types that anti-virus products usually don't)



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    Just to recap, to cover the usual suspects, you've:

    Run the F-Secure uninstall tool and rebooted?

    Run the Virgin Media uninstall tool and rebooted?

    Checked for Windows Updates?

    It must be detecting some remnants of Norton 360 that the listed uninstaller isn't finding.  I would certainly try what NikK suggested above.  Failing that, we can only advise that you submit a support request, attaching an FSDIAG, and hopefully they will be able to see what's going wrong.


  • Hi Simon,


    Yes to all the above. If t helps i've ran the app remover that was suggested and it finds a Norton 360. I removed it and tried again but it detected it again. I then removed it again and straight away ran app remover again which found it it it's not really going.....

  • SimonSimon Posts: 2,635 Superuser

    I've always hated Norton because it's such a PITA to remove.  I assume you're rebooting after each attempt?  Just a thought, but how about trying the removal tool in Safe Mode?

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    Yes, the download link on that page is the same.

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    Just another thought, how about trying CCleaner?  It might just find some scraps that the uninstaller left behind, or perhaps even some other debris that might be causing problems.

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    Attempting to install F-Secure Safe via the VM customer portal links. However when I get to the install stage I get an error saying my version of Windows is not supported.


    I'm running Windows Vista Home 6.0. I'm not planning to upgrade my OS any time soon. 


    Uninstalled all other anti-virus (including Virgin's security programme) using links provided elsewhere in this thread. 


    Is there something I'mmissing or does Safe not work with Vista?



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    Not sure what 6.0 is, but you need to have Vista SP2 for it to be supported.
  • TimboTimbo Posts: 3
    Thanks to you both. I will let you know how I get on.
  • TimboTimbo Posts: 3

    That has worked and it's installed first time. 


    Thanks for your help. 

  • SimonSimon Posts: 2,635 Superuser
    Great, thanks for letting us know. :)
  • I have ran c cleaner and it can't find any sign of any norton product. getting so annoyed. seems bizaar that this is taking so much effort to fix...... Thank you your advice up to now and i'd appreciate any futher help....?

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    Did you try scanning with these:  (this product scans for malware types that anti-virus products usually don't)


    And try boot to Safe Mode and run the Norton uninstall, and perhaps also AppRemover?


    Have you tried submitting a Support Request and attaching an FSDIAG file?

  • Tried scanners before and again now. No luck. It's not a virus problem. It won't find a norton product because it's not a virus? Ran norton scan in safe mode. Which app remover shall I run in safe mode? Shall I reboot as normal after and try to install again?
  • Oh and I've already addd a fsdiag but can't tell you about it really. They just asked me to do all the same things as I've already done...
  • It's done!!! Got there in the end... Thank you for your support.
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    Can you confirm what sorted it? It might help if others have the same issue in the future.
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    I thought I had cracked it and I got it downloaded however I have now been emailed that my trial subscription has now ran out and they want me to buy a new subscription I have tried to contact f secure customer services


  • SimonSimon Posts: 2,635 Superuser

    It seems that the emails may not always be correct,  When does it say your subscription is valid till in your SAFE Portal?

  • kidkid Posts: 3
    It says first of feb
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    If you registered for F-Secure SAFE via the link in your Virgin Portal, as per this Sticky Topic then I can only suggest you send in a Suppprt Request.  There have been other occurrences of this recently, but I can't remember what the outcomes were, and I'm on a mobile at the moment, so can't use the Search facility.

  • kidkid Posts: 3
    I'm going to phone their customer services tommorow tried today but it's only open mon friday. Thanks anyway I will post the result although I fear they will expect to be paid
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    Well, if you're entitled to the free year, then you shouldn't have to pay. It's probably just a glitch with the license. Hope you get sorted.
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    Not sure if it will be of any help, but there's another thread on this issue here:

    Seems the advice is the same - to contact Support.
  • I cannot install F secure on my system.  My windows defender and windows firewall are on - is that preventing it?  I think I have removed all other security on the computer

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    I think F-Secure would autiomatically disable Windows Defender, but it uses Windows Firewall itself, so that should be on anyway.  Are you getting any error messages?  The following may help:


    If you're coming from Virgin Media, you need to read this thread on how to remove VMS. It will contain the link to the Virgin Media Removal Tool which you should run before installing F-Secure.

    You should also make sure that you have fully removed all other 'active', ie 'real time' anti-virus products from your machine, other than those which are certified compatible, such as Malwarebytes.. This list of Uninstallation Tools may help.

    Further, check Windows Updates, and install any pending updates, as these have been known to stall an F-Secure installation.

    If none of the above apply, then try using the F-Secure Uninstallation Tool to fully remove anything which may have been partially installed, and start again.

  • Thanks mate ......wish I has got to your posting a couple of days ago , could have saved myself a numb-bottom lol.

    Can install F- secure safe on my windows XP , using internet explorer 8 ; but not F-secure key .Any ideas on transfering my f-secure key  from my windows 7 laptop to my windows XP desktop ?....Will home networking do the job ? ..... Cannot use the f-secure key on my laptop due to damaged keyboard .Consequently I cannot input my master pass-word  , so I am blocked from all my favourite sites .Any ideas you lovely people ?....Geoff the Celt .

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