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It's just struck me, when we sign up for the Beta version, we are given a free six month license, but at the end of this period, to continue using FSIS, we would be required to purchase a full license.  Now, given that my current license expires in January next year, I would obviously purchase a license then, but then, if I wanted to take part in next year's Beta testing (for the 2015 version), presumably, I would then be given another six month 'free' license, but I would already have six months to run on my paid license, which would expire in January 2016, the same time as the Beta license would expire, so I would again have to purchase a new year's licence.


What I'm getting at is, after the initial six months free for first time Beta testers, what do 'second time' Beta testers actually get out of it, given that they would already have paid for their licenses? 


This isn't a complaint, as such, just an observation, and I wondered what the situation is when Beta licenses cross over with paid ones?


  • Well, in Beta license you mean license for Beta version or some kind of gift that FS gives at end of beta year?
  • haha, yes, it did.

    And, I think, licenses for Beta version are unlimited(I'm not sure through)
  • Simon
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    Well, mine is due to expire on 15/01/14, but I have two more Beta licences I could presumably install on other machines.
  • my will expire on 23/12/2013, but I think I have installed it more than half year ago.
  • hah, thanks Smiley Very Happy
  • I just got notice that my Beta License is expiring 12/21/2013. So I was wondering what I have to do? Do I have to buy the product to keep it going or do I just get a new beta license? And if so where do I go to do it.

    Thanks so much

  • Simon
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    What happens if you click the Renew button on the Subscriptions screen? I'm asking because I'd like to know as well, but mine doesn't expire until 15th Jan.
  • Fuzz
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    Well, If you click the renewal button it takes you to the purchase page. I think the Beta team will decide on who will get the 6 month extension or not. I just do not know when they decide.

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    In the beginning everyone gets a license which is valid for six months and as Ville mentioned we are extending the licenses of active users periodically. As of today we have done again a set of extensions to the licenses for our tester. Hit "Check now" and check out!



    The subscriptions between purchased product and the one received through Technology Preview program are not compatible with each other.


  • Simon
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    Thanks Tomi! I will indeed look forward to 'Checking now' when I get home this evening. :)
  • Simon
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    Hmm... where would I find 'Check Now'?  dunno.gif

  • Thing is, in daily use I no longer see bugs... Maybe year ago and earlier I was seeing bugs and stuff, but now - no more.
  • Fuzz
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    I agree. It gets harder and harder to find bugs.

  • Simon
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    I also agree. I've submitted a few bug reports, but most have come back as browser compatibility issues, as I'm using SeaMonkey. It's difficult to submit regular feedbacks when there's nothing to report.

    I found 'Check now', assuming it's the one where you check for updates. Mine hasn't been renewed as yet, but I do have a month still to go.
  • Where do you find the check now?  I don't know alot on the computers so I have no idea can someone please get me in the right area? Thanks so much for the help.

  • Ville
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    You can force client to check the license by opening Launch pad, clicking on the F-Secure (rightmost) icon and selecting "Check for updates".


    The client also automatically checks the license from server every 6 hours.



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