Read about the beta license

The beta license is valid until the specified date, in my case 26 March 2012 or as soon as thebeta test ends, the license will be revoked?




  • hi again,


    I don't really remember, but it was written in release notes or something similar, that after this project ends, your product will be upgraded to release version with existing key.


    And, I noticed, that latest 44.5 version does NOT support windows 8.


    It is bad...

  • Nicos18Nicos18 Posts: 22

    Yes, It is bad that the final build does not support windows 8. I hope that the next build will support it. However I will do tests to see if it works on Windows Developer Preview.

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    as announced today, we will convert the IS2012 beta program automatically to next ISTP program. You will be receiving new versions through it and we won't revoke any of the licenses.


    On the Windows 8 support: this new ISTP program will bring it at some point. Current plans put it somewhere in November-December time frame, but we cannot yet say which exact release will include it.



  • Nicos18Nicos18 Posts: 22

    I read your notice a few hours ago. I'm trying right now to build new technology preview and I've already posted a review hot. With regard to compatibility with Windows 8, is really a great news. Regarding the beta license, personally expires March 26. If I have the requirements to continue, I will automatically renew the license?
  • By the way, counter of gift license begans exactly when will be given or when first time I use it?

  • Nicos18Nicos18 Posts: 22

    I noticed that the license starts when it is assigned.

  • rnuisrnuis Posts: 13

    When wi'll we get the free 6 Months key then that they wight too us?





  • rnuisrnuis Posts: 13

    When do the people that did help with the Beta testing lijke me get there free 6 Months license that are promissed??



  • When you do pay 30$ for it Smiley Very Happy

  • rnuisrnuis Posts: 13

    I got a E-Mail back from Tapio that the 6 moths license keys for helping with the Beta test will be send next week too all who has helped with the beta.





  • nice

  • rnuisrnuis Posts: 13

    I still didn't got my 6 Months license for helping testing with the Beta i don't find this nice

  • So did I


    I mean so I didn't get any license or anything about it from F-Secure

  • rnuisrnuis Posts: 13

    @Janiashvili wrote:

    So did I


    I mean so I didn't get any license or anything about it from F-Secure

    It is taking a long time and it is not nice that they don't contact us.

  • keioozkeiooz Posts: 41

    How were you able to get into testing the Beta version? I would like to participate next time.

  • VilleVille Posts: 521 F-Secure Employee

    The beta program is ongoing all the time. You can sign up for the beta at


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