F-Secure and Internet Explorer 11 incompatibility



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    OK. I have found out what happened. I had to do a refresh of Windows 8.1 because of Skydrive issues and it seems through this that the 'Enhanced Protection' had been switched off under the Internet settings (which is surprising because I thought it was on by default).

    Anyway, false alarm. F-Secure is still not compatible with Intrenet Explorer 11. It would be good now if we can have a statement from F-Secure when the fix will be available.

    Honestly, I would not have renewed my licence if I had known it was going to take so long to provide a fix for what is promoted as a key component of the software.

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    As I mentioned the other day, the beta seems to have the fix, so hopefully the retail version will not be far behind. I know they were also working on other issues with IE11, so maybe they're waiting to put the fixes out in one go, rather than in dribs and drabs. That's just a guess on my part, by the way.

    Do we know if any of the other affected vendors have issued fixes yet?
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    Most other vendors, who were slow with the fix,  have supplied the compatibility problem in the last couple of weeks.


    But look on the bright side, it's another good reason to switch browsers Smiley Tongue


    Seriously someone from F-Secure should give a definitive answer on when the fix will be available. 

  • haha, I like that bright side Smiley Very Happy
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    Well, the plot thickens. It seems that last week, Microsoft, in a Windows Update, actually turned the Enhanced Protection Mode (EPM) off by default. You can read it here https://support.microsoft.com/kb/2907803 


    I guess there were too many problems with companies like F-Secure whose add-ons were not compatible. Microsoft do not admit to making any mistake, but it seems to me they shoved a technology out  too early  without proper consultation. They are probably backtracking because big firms are finding it difficult to work with IE 11.


    The crazy thing is that they suggest that you turn EPM on again - after sending out the update to turn it off! I don't know if it is better to laugh or cry, or maybe just switch to another browser. It is not the only thing that is rushed with Windows 8.1 - it seems they are trying to catch up with several problems. 


    The question then, at present: does EPM protect you more than F-Secure online safety? I really have no answer.

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    Hell, you're right!  Mine HAD been turned off!  mad5.gif  But it's now back on and Online Safety is still working, with the beta release.  I'm SO glad I don't use IE!

  • So, is the latest stable build 192 compatible with IE11's EPM or not? I know the beta TP101 is, but...

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    I do not use IE11 but have confirmed that the full version of FSIS build 192 appears to be working correctly with IE11; the Online Safety plugin now functions correctly.


    Unlike previous builds,  looking at the Manage add-ons window it states that the F-Secure was now enabled/compatible!





    You can confirm that your system is working correctly by;


    1.Trying to access the following site; http://unsafe.fstestdomain.com/ 




    2. Check the online ratings system is working properly by searching with BING for words such as cracks/warez; you should then see a mixture of green, yellow and red site ratings;




    3. You could try some of the check tests here at AMTSO; http://www.amtso.org/feature-settings-check.html




  • @Blackcat 


    Thank you very much for your detailed answer. I "found out" that, apparently, the stable build 192 "protects" IE 11 equally effective with EPM enabled or not (yes, the system has to be restarted to apply changes with EPM), whether by checking the website http://unsafe.fstestdomain.com/  or by doing a search of "warez" in both, Google or Bing.


    So I'd say that the online safety given by F-Secure to browsers (IE11 under Win8.1 Pro, at least) is not circumscribed by the "activation" of EPM? Sorry if I'm not reasoning well here but it's a bit late on this side of the world and time to go bed now Smiley Happy  

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    Prior to full compatibility of F-Secure IS and IE11, you had to disable the EPM in Internet Explorer for the online Safety add-on to function properly.(see the first post in this thread). So then the EPM did affect the compatibility of the add-on; now it does not.


    But for optimum protection, if you use IE as your main browser, you are recommended to make sure that EPM is running together with F-Secure's Online Safety add-on (particularly as Microsoft released an update disabling EPM!-https://support.microsoft.com/kb/2907803).

  • @Blackcat 


    Yes, I was aware of the MS decision to disable EPM through WindowsUpdate last month, but I didn't know that FSIS wasn't fully compatible with EPM because I hadn't it installed at that time. I'm glad everything is ok now. Thank you for your help.


    Happy New Year everyone!

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