How do you like/not like F-Secure?



I am currently evaluating F-Secure (IS) for home ( 3 PCs) use and I wish to know your thoughts as a current user (AV or IS).  When sharing, please state how long you have been using then comments. My presupposition is that I am currently a un-happy Outpost (Against) user and I have have some technical knowledge. I do like what I see so far from IS after two (2) days of use.


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  • JaniashviliJaniashvili Posts: 469
    IS user of a while(few years). Except few flaws here and there, I really like it
  • MaincatMaincat Posts: 4

    I've used F-Secure for years and always liked it.  It's improved over the years, but the really great thing is the support.  Get it, you won't be disappointed.Cat Happy

  • JaniashviliJaniashvili Posts: 469
    Agree about support.
  • DJ69DJ69 Posts: 15

    Thank you everyone who has replied so far. I am now in day five in using IS and I am finding the following...

    1) Little to none for system performance impact (idle or scanning)

    2) After reading the 48 page manual, there is a lot more "under the hood" then what the UI provides. This is both a good thing for the common user but for the "power" user, there could be more advanced options. There is a benefit of a simple setup and just forgetting however.

    3) The MS firewall augmentation with "Deepguard" is very interesting to me and I kind of like the idea despite some users here not happy with this change.

    4) The independent scanning engines and options are rather curious.... When I manually scan, I would like to can for all possible threats... This might be just personal preference however...

    5) Like the "cloud" concept and implementation.

    6) I have also downloaded and testing F-Secure for Android... So far, so good.

    7) From the cooperate prospective, I like F-Secure's dedication to internet security and not to other PC apps and such (like Comodo, McAfee...)

    8) I did contact support and did get a quick responce (nice).


    Is anyone testing the new bata? How often do program updates come down?


  • JaniashviliJaniashvili Posts: 469
    I am testing new beta, and they're coming every 2 weeks or fewer(well, it's ongoing process, it actually doesn't stop after every new release, just in the very late phase it's called "Beta", otherwise it's called just "Technology Preview")

  • DJ69DJ69 Posts: 15

    How do you like the new UI? Do you think this is something for me to see before committing to F-Secure?




  • siramicsiramic Posts: 43

    Nice YouTube link you found there, DJ :)


    Having "lightly" tested the beta, I would have to agree with the guy on YouTube, it is the best, cleanest and easy to read and follow version IMHO. I also like the look of the Launch Pad, nice rich colors, including a Gaming mode option. Another nice little smile feature is that the Desktop monitor on the main UI Status window, is your Windows desktop on the monitor...nice touch, F-Secure :) I think this is the version I will be switching to (I have a 2013 IS license), and eventually on to all my PCs.


    F-Secure 2014 beta.png



    F-Secure 2014 beta3.png

  • DJ69DJ69 Posts: 15

    Siramic -

    Thanks for the beta pics (I also like what I have seen!) and feedback.... In doing a little research, I am struck by how transparent F-Secure is about the updates and the current Bata program. It appears the future looks very promising as I gain more confidence in the software and the company. I am seeking a 2-year relationship for my family (3 PCs and one android phone)  Smiley Happy


    For all -

    Does anyone know if the virus sig. updates and/or software updates are batched (once or more per day) or streamed as they become available? Also, if a NEW virus (or malware of any type) was discovered (by F- Secure) on my system, how quickly will the community of users (globally) be protected?

    Thanks again, DJ   

  • JaniashviliJaniashvili Posts: 469
    Actually license for any version for IS works for any version of IS.

    "Desktop monitor on the main UI Status window, is your Windows desktop on the monitor"
    Can you tell me what exactly do you mean?

    Updates are batched several times per day(at least they seem to be batched, but sometimes they seem to be downloaded really spontaneously).

    Don't know about last thing.
  • siramicsiramic Posts: 43

    @Janiashvili, On your first concern , I just wanted to let DJ know what version I was running and comparing to, but thank you for that kind reminder for all those who may read this thread of upgrade ability :)


    Your second concern, yes, I thought about re-wording my post, but to late. I should have said your Desktop Wallpaper appears in the little monitor on the F-Secure Status panel, as is my plane wallpaper. On the video that DJ provided, you can see his desktop wallpaper in the F-Secure monitor. Hopefully this helps clarify things :)


  • JaniashviliJaniashvili Posts: 469

    Oh, that's why that screen is black on my computer; neat feature Smiley Very Happy

  • siramicsiramic Posts: 43

    Yes, a nice little added touch by F-Secure :)

  • DJ69DJ69 Posts: 15

    "Updates are batched several times per day(at least they seem to be batched, but sometimes they seem to be downloaded really spontaneously)." 


    So in sum, there is the "regular" daily updates and then there is the ability to "push-out" updates as well if there is a sudden, wide virus  breakout? I think Avast also has this ability... I think both are valuable.


    The video, proved to me how quickly the software reacted to attacks and such. Impressive!




  • DJ69DJ69 Posts: 15
  • JaniashviliJaniashvili Posts: 469
    I'm not sure actually... But I think it is so. Or maybe they just update servers every time they gather several new definitions, and it's just up to you(and computer) to check whenever there is anything new.
  • DJ69DJ69 Posts: 15

    Just found my answer:


    "When a new potential threat appears, the first computers that encounter it anywhere in the world, will instantly inform the highly automated F-Secure security labs. For confirmed threats we are able to add complete protection in 60 seconds. After this, all computers with this technology query the network, and are instantly protected. This shortcuts the hours it typically takes to send out database updates."


  • DJ69DJ69 Posts: 15

    For those who have been with F-Secure for some time, has the program updates been free of system problems. In my past experance with Outpost (Agnitum), almost every update has lead to system problems of some kind only to be (maybe) resolved by a .2,.5 or .8 verson release...



  • maediemaedie Posts: 1

    I don't believe the support is good. I have been trying to get help with a malware removal problem to no avail. When one calls the help line in the US, you get into a voicemail loop which finally takes you to technical support for home users. Then it asks for the extension of the person you which to reach..... no other option is allowed. If you do not have an extension, it hangs up on you. Seriously!?! I'm a user who is calling the contact number given on the website for help! I don't know their personnel roster! Very poor service....I am so sorry I bought this product!

  • DJ69DJ69 Posts: 15

    Have you tried the "chat"



    I have been able to reach them every time in the AM...



  • JaysonJayson Posts: 595

    Hi maedie,

    Sorry to hear about that and I apologize for any inconvenience caused.

    That sounds like you had reach our Sale Office general line instead, kindly refer the links below to contact our Technical Support. Service hours for English Consumer channel is 24/7.

    1. Online Support Request.
    2. Email Technical Support.
    3. Call Technical Support.
    4. Chat Online with Technical Support.


    Best Regards,

  • alconsvralconsvr Posts: 26

    Have used F-Secure in both home and business versions since 2003?. Products work and support is excellent. Most people who have support problems, are not using the correct phone numbers or following instructions.

  • bobbysbobbys Posts: 9


    I'm a new user of F-secure IS and exactly I test it on my PC.


    I had some problems with installation et I've used  the chat. First impression : great costumer services. I'm very satisfied.



    I've a license  of :  emsisoft, avast IS, avira IS, bullguard, webroot SA, Bitdefender total security.

    I tested all these softwares and I can compare,  F-secure is very good.

    Light on the system but some few lags when scaning.

    Now, I use it on combo with webroot SecureAnywhere and there's not problem. I test it with some malwares 0 day...Good reaction and clean well the PC.


    I appreciate this software and I intend to buy it


    In conclusion:

    great costumer services

    Very good protection against malwares


    I would like to test 2014 beta, I proposed my services but I wait...

  • DJ69DJ69 Posts: 15



    I came to the same conclusions and went in for a 2 year license... I am very pleased with the PC and Android performance.  I am a former Agnitum / Outpost user who has a also tried Comodo, Privatewall w/ Microsoft Essentials, Avast, and Panda. I also like the soul commitment of the company and direction. 25 year in just doing internet security says something!


    Have you looked up the user infection and community (cloud) response... Speed is amazing...





  • AVBluzAVBluz Posts: 8

    Having been a user and "reseller employee" since the Data Fellows days ('98/'99), most of my experience prior to this last week has been good. 


    However, my upgrade to FS Internet Security 2011 and 2012 to 2013 on three different systems over the past week or so has been the worst technology experience I've had since at least 2005 (own post on the way).  I'm not feeling too charitable towards F-Secure right now, and would not recommend FSIS 2013 at all.


    (No I've not done anything in the way of support yet; but previous upgrades haven't required more than a reboot, and not 3 days of troubleshooting and debugging.)

  • JaniashviliJaniashvili Posts: 469
    Can you name the problems?
  • RusliRusli Posts: 1,002 Adventurer



    Windows Firewall is NOT a full proof of protection.


    You have to create your own Firewall.


    Nobody like to buy a product that simply just using a Windows own firewall.


    When there seems to be many remote desktop attacks, F-Secure did not have that level of protections and detections!


    These is what I encounter!


    Deep Guard did not detect it as a malicious behaviour, when it really does when Cybercriminal starts remote controlling your computer.


    F-Secure did not detect such detections!


    Even my computer is being hacked into many times!

  • HorusHorus Posts: 4

    dislikes:  Now has many false positives on the website block list


    No support whatsoever for the Charter Internet Security Suite version, they refer me to Charter who knows absolutely nothing about it.  After several phone transfers you can find someone who knows it exists but they know nothing about the software.


    Charter points finger at f-secure, f-secure points finger at Charter


    like:  no malware/viruses in 6 months

  • DJ69DJ69 Posts: 15



    I would like to invite you to read this whitepaper in regards to Deepguard and why it work well with WinFirewall...



    (In fact, I wish many would read this actually...)



  • RusliRusli Posts: 1,002 Adventurer

    Hi DJ69,


    Thanks for the links.


    Can it detects unknowns, government unknown viruses something simialr like finfisher. NSA Prismn???


    All pen testing exploits? RDP exploits, Remote Assistant exploits, any third party remote desktop exploits??


    Any unknown PUPs.


    I still have doubts!


    Does DeepGuard and Behavioural Blocker available in F-Secure Antivirus??? Instead of the F-Secure Internet Security???

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