F-Secure IS Release 4

you have added game mode,ok,for me is not necessary because i'm not a gamer :)

when will be added contextual menu scan icon?is it so difficult? every antivirus has its icon in the context menu!

I think that F-Secure team should implemented functions that all other antivirus products have!

as effectiveness, for me you are the best,but,in my opinion,you lacks in other useful options,like contextual menu scan,Outlook 2013 antispam plugin,boot scan,external drive scan,own firewall and more.

i hope that this excellent product continues to improve even :)


  • patetpatet Posts: 57

    Why is there no changelog or anything available anywhere? Only thing I can find about release 4 is the new features explained in _german_ on these forums on the german section.

  • BenBen Posts: 2,641 F-Secure Product Expert

    Hello Patet & MeteorMan,


    The new features introduced in the Service Release 4 of Internet Security 2013 are the following:


    -Full Screen Mode: Prevents F-Secure Internet Security from showing dialogues when full screen applications are running

    -Gaming Mode(as mentioned): When enabled, F-Secure Internet Security temporarily disables some features to give you maximum performance when playing games

    -Allow automatic sample uploads: Allows you to automatically upload samples to our lab, or be asked each time this is needed

  • right click scan icon in contextual menu,not yet,uh? :)

    any other antivirus on planet Earth have its own icon in contextual menu right click scan.why F-Secure not?this is really  inexplicable :) can you put the icon in version 2014?

    please,Ben,can you answer me also this time? :)

  • Although a context menu icon would be nice, much more important IMHO is having the F-Secure icon/brand in the


    1. All pop-up windows.


    2. In the Action Centre Window.


    As most rogue/ fake AV makers fail to put a legit AV company’s logo in their popup windows, at present some of the F-Secure notifications are characteristic of rogue Anti-Virus.


    If you were new to F-Secure which of the following pop ups would you think were genuine?

     Overall use the term F-Secure rather than Computer Security.Capture. 5 GIF.GIFCapture. 3 GIF.GIFCapture. 2 GIF.GIFCapture.GIF

  • First(as it displays F-Secure logo) and third seems more legit software(as it reminds me of Microsoft's product)

  • SimonSimon Posts: 2,657 Superuser

    I'd say 1st and 4th.  The two middle ones look dodgy to me, especially as one is asking for 'Activation'. 

  • FendyFendy Posts: 67

    I do agree with Simon. Any "Anti-Virus program" that asks for activation seems highly suspicious to me.


    Best regards,

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