CGMiner false postives / Exclusions NOT working

F-Secure can you please not flag CGMiner as malware? Adding it to the scan exclusions somehow only works when F-Secure is turned off (that goes for both the .exe and the program folder). Turn it back on and it immediately removes cgminer.exe again! Making the scan exclusions pointless and seemingly a cosmetic feature. Here is the cgminer site: (F-Secure removes all versions) I know someone made a trojan which runs cgminer on other people's machines to steal their GPU/CPU cycles for mining, but that's like flagging Folding@Home as malware because one person injected one .exe with malware some time and everyone has to pay the price. PS. F-Secure also WIPES my HOSTS file in system32/drivers/etc DESPITE me adding it to the exclusion list. What on earth is wrong?! Can a user get some bloody control over their OWN PC, PLEASE?!


  • Janiashvili
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    Hi, you can register here:

    and give them those files, they'll check whenever it is false positive or true malware
  • Thanks! I submitted it. However that doesn't explain why user set scan exclusion isn't working as it should.
  • Gary
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    Hi Desidurrious,


    Which F-Secure software and its version the user is using? And how the exclusion was made? In this case the exclusion has to be done on the Real-Time scanning which is under F-Secure > Settings > Virus and spyware scanning > Exclude files from scanning.


    Best regards,


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  • Alio
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    Same issue for me. I excluded the file in realtime scanning objects and it is still detected and removed every time. I have to disable realtime scanning permanently making F-Secure useless for protection.



  • maud138
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    I have the same problem. I will sent in a ticket, but is it possible to give the solution here? It's very very annoying. I tried CGMiner, but also CudaMiner and both are deleted everytime by F_secure, even when I made an exception in realtime scanning.

  • Shahrir
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    Hi maud138,


    If you have added the exclusion but you are still facing the issue, I would suggest you to create a support ticket as Gary suggested so we would be able to assist you further on this issue.

  • maud138
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    Yes, I created a support ticket and they helped me pretty good.

    My problem is solved.

  • Shahrir
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    Hi maud138,


    I am glad to hear that your issue is solved now! Have a great week ahead.

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