Enabling Bank Protection for additional sites

Hello, How can I add ADDITIONAL sites to Bank Protection, eg www.capitaloneonline.co.uk (uk credit card site) Thanks, Alan.

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  • JaysonJayson Posts: 595
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    Hi AlanM,

    To get your bank on the list of protected banking sites, send an e-mail to xxx@f-secure.com (edited on December 8, 2014: e-mail address no longer in use. Please, use our Sample Analysis System) with the following information:
    - Name of the bank (financial institution)
    - URL of the bank


    Best Regards,


  • haloomhaloom Posts: 7

    Hi Jayson, Thanks for the clue Smiley Happy


    Where can we find the list of already protected banks, or I can see if my bank is on the list ??


    Thanks and kind regards




  • Jari-PJari-P Posts: 79

    Hello haloom,


    Unfortunately we don't have any kind of list of protected banks.

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