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I have Vista, Windows firewall and Anti-virus (2013). Shall I turn Windows defender off, or does it complete F-secure? Bengt

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    Hi Bengt Smiley Happy


    Are you wondering if you should allow Windows Defender to run along side of, with, F-Secure for better protection?

    It should be turned off, as to not cause system instability, or slow downs due to 2 scanners running at the same time, even though Windows Defender is purely a spyware scanner. To use the free on demand version of Malwarebytes would be a good option. Or, to use an online browser based scanner for a second opinion, is another option. Be sure to disable F-Secure's real time scanner (Computer Security/Settings/Virus and Spyware Scanning) during that time, as to not have both of them scanning the same accessed files.


    As baroque-quest mentioned, F-Secure should have disabled that upon install, but please check to confirm it's real time protection is turned off.


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  • F-Secure will turn off Defender.  No need to do it yourself.

  • Hi Siramic, Thank you very much for your elaborate mail . I do appreciate that you in addition to the thorough answers gave me concrete tips what to do! You solved it all! Bengt
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    You're welcome, Bengt. Thank you for posting back, and for the kind words. I'm glad you were helped Smiley Happy

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