IS or AV on IE 10 under Windows 7

The release notes for IS v.3 state:


"Fully supported browsers for Online Safety: Internet Explorer 7 & 8 (Windows XP), Internet Explorer 8 & 9 (Windows Vista & Windows 7) (32-bit and 64-bit), Internet Explorer 10 (Windows 8) ..."


So Online Safety is not supported on IE 10 under Windows 7.  Microsoft officially released IE 10 for Windows 7 on 02/26.


What about AV which does not have Online Safety?  Are there any known problems with running AV on IE 10 under Windows 7?  Since I am running this combination (without problems, so far), do I qualify as a beta tester?


  • macstormmacstorm Posts: 43



    As far as I know, the coming beta testing preview is open to anyone, as long as is registered in the program. On the other hand, beta builds cannot be installed on machines running stable releases of F-Secure software. 

  • JaniashviliJaniashvili Posts: 469
    Well, on unsupported browsers, you won't get Online Safety(or, they may have some bugs; that doesn't mean you can't turn it off in this scenario)
  • "do I qualify as a beta tester?"


    This was sarcasm, sorry.



  • radetzkyradetzky Posts: 5

    I am running Explorer 10 on WIN7SP1 64bit up to now without problems.

    However an official confirmation from F-Secure that it works properly with Explorer 10 would be highly welcome !

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    Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 support scanning HTTP protocol on the system level. We are using that, so it should work with any browser. On Windows XP it's more complex and there we only support certain browsers.




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