Do I unintentionally run two firewalls at the same time?

Dear Experts,


Could someone check out the attached screenshot - whether I am un intentionally running two firewalls Windows (Windows VIsta, Business 32bit, Finnish) and the F-Secure's Internet Security one?


In this one problematic computer I can see from F-Secure's status page that the F-Secures' one is active and in the WIndows, Settings, Security I can see that the Windows own one is active - but there is no way to disable the Windows' FIrewall and to choose the F-secure's one?


I'm sorry - this is a stupid question, but therefore these communities are also for Smiley HappyDesktop.jpg

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    Hi Hemuli!


    Everything is okay and the screen shot shows that the both firewall indications are referring to the same firewall and the firewall is actively on use.


    This version of our product uses Window's firewall and above that adds all the other protection features.


    F-Secure Community Manager


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