F-secure does not always start when starting up computer


My F-Secure program on my new HP-computer does not start every time when starting up the computer.

There is no other antivirus program on the computer.

What can I do?



F-Secure Anti-Virus 9.20 build 16080
F-Secure Automatic Update Agent 8.25 build 4095
F-Secure User Interface 9.10 build 8424
F-Secure Management Agent 8.10 build 30095
F-Secure Network connections 6.24 build 124
F-Secure Email Scanner 6.00 build 466
F-Secure DeepGuard 2.21 build 114
F-Secure Online Help 2.00 build 1470
F-Secure Sidebar Gadget 1.00 build 192
F-Secure Service News 1.00 build 140


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