FSIS2012 and Google Chrome

If I use Google Chrome, does F-Secure block harmful websites since theres no Browsing Protection for Chrome?

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  • HexoHexo Posts: 240
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    It means, that you have the same protection as with the IE or FF but you have no visuell help of F-Secure.

    You will get no block message (you will see only a blank white page), you have no toolbar and if you use the Googlesearch, you will not see the green hook. 




  • JaysonJayson Posts: 595

    Hi Patet,

    The Online Safety (Browsing Protection & Parental Control) in Internet Security 2012 is supported on Google Chrome, it will work to a limited extend. Online Safety will block sites when needed but it will not display a block message page.


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  • tripodzidtripodzid Posts: 42

    What exactly do you mean by ''it will only work on limited extend"? What other things that F-Secure won't do with Google Chrome?




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