FSIS 1.58 - Build 653 - ewerything works like a charm :-) - But ??

Have been testing FSIS TP, for some time now, and i can understand from the newly mail i received that F-Secure IS don't deliver a build in firewall, only some filters for MS-Firewall ?? (on my test windows 7)

I have told everybody, that one of the great security that F-Secure is, that the antivirus and the firewall talks together, so when new virus is attacking, the antivirus know the threats and tell the firewall to lock/disabe the potential ports.

Is this still right, within the MS-Firewall or.. what do i now tell my costumers ??

AND : In the ordinary FSIS2012, when do FS publish (if ever) to the end user, the MS-Firewall, instead of the FS-Firewall ???

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  • VilleVille Posts: 495 F-Secure Employee
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    Many users found the old firewall a bit cryptic to use, creating all those services and rules. The default MS firewall offers good protection and easier configuration so we are now relying on it. However, we still have our own network protection, like Application Control, built on top of MS firewall.





  • JaniashviliJaniashvili Posts: 469
    actually, there's said that it will use MS FIrewall's ports and that's quite good(I believe it's better than good)
  • NmouseNmouse Posts: 29


    Hmm I like FS´s Firewall, i thinks its neat, MS-Firewall is to difficult, for ordinary people to manage, I think !


    What about the "F-Secure Internet Security" does is migrate to "F-Secure Antivirus" or what ??

    The difference between those program, is the Child/restrict -support .. ?? more ?? don't know.

     - Or is the script?? to MS-Firewall the "Internet Security" in this package ???


    Sorry all my questions...


    Have a virusfree day


  • keioozkeiooz Posts: 41

    @Janiashvili wrote:
    actually, there's said that it will use MS FIrewall's ports and that's quite good(I believe it's better than good)

    Right. I am used to MS Firewall and I also think that it is better than FS Firewall, though some say that they are both the same. image

  • NmousedkNmousedk Posts: 38


    But it is hard to say that there is differences with the 2 products.

    F-Secure Internet Security 2013 - and

    F-Secure Antivirus 2013


    Then the 2 security packets i more similar..


    What is the differences, for the enduser ??


    Regards Nmouse

  • JaniashviliJaniashvili Posts: 469
    antivirus has not parental control...

    I don't know about anything else
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