F-Secure is unreliable and the UI is garbage

seeja Posts: 2 Observer

I'd been using Freedome for years on multiple devices. Recently I was forced to "upgrade" to F-Secure.

It's been rubbish.

There are the updates that take half an hour, during which time the program is unresponsive, and the VPN is off.

There are the random changing of the settings, sometimes turning off the "Automatic VPN protection" and "Killswitch" options.

There are the times that it forgets that it is licensed for a particular phone or computer and forces me to unlicense one of my devices to relicense it again.

There is the UI which is less informative than Freedome. When it turns off, though, it will display a green check mark — which is supposed to be for Good News or Systems Functioning Normally — next to VPN is off, next to All your data is secure. Really? Then why am I bothering with this VPN, if all my stuff is secure when it's off anyway?

It's a real disappointment.


  • clarkent
    clarkent Posts: 3 Observer

    I can confirm all the problems and frustrations of the comments on F-Secure VPN. Freedome VPN was working easily and without problems.. The Company now has forced on the users a totally inkompetent and malfunctioning V PN. It slows down everything on the laptop . I use MacOS Sonoma 14.5 and it its 100% OK without the F-Secure VPN. Annoying to be forced to pause the VPN to open most websites and totally unacceptable when it comes to paying sites like banks etc. F-Secure version 19.6 (6.19.23) and MacOS Sonoma 14.5

    Since I switched a week ago from Freedome VPN, f-secure does not correctly manage VPN. It worked at first. Now, it usually says "loading" for VPN. I have re-started, re-installed. I will not change security settings on my M2 studio.

    as of today, every time I log in, it says updating. then it consumes one more license, and goes back to login. I release the licenses (same computer) and re-installed.

    Now it never goes back to even loading, or seeing the VPN or allowing to change settings.

    Unfortuately, this app is a complete mess compared to freedome VPN - which used to work instantly and all the time. I will need to change to a working VPN, this is too volatile.

    I assume there is no reasonable fix (reading the other posts, you ask for endless logs, etc. at every new version release … maybe the issue is not with the community ?)

    (unrelated, the same license seems to work fine on iOS/iPad OS ?)

  • Firebones
    Firebones Posts: 8 Explorer

    Exactly I’m getting problems with MacOS Sonoma mine scans the HD until 50% then it stops nothing happens and it then jumps to 100% and says it’s all ok, it always stops at half way through and it is hard work getting it to install they’ve had me doing diags etc to no avail I think the problem is that the Fsecure Total thinks it’s loading onto Linux or Unix because where it is related to them systems as they are parts of MacOS still no fix, think I’ll go to someone who makes security for MacOS

  • Firebones
    Firebones Posts: 8 Explorer

    Similar problems with my Mac M1 Sonoma my VPN works but the scan manually for Virus and Hacking is not working it scans and then it gives me stuff related to 2015 versions of Mac where is it finding my old versions of MacOS it’s useless compared to how it worked 4 years ago why don’t they go back to 19.1 the only thing that has been updated is the graphics and I personally don’t care what it looks like I just want it to work

  • Firebones
    Firebones Posts: 8 Explorer

    I’m waiting if it doesn’t work this time it’s going to the proverbial bin and I’m trying to find something built just for MacOS.

  • Firmy
    Firmy Posts: 1,778 Community Manager

    Hello @seeja @clarkent @Firebones

    We regret to hear about your experience with our products, and we want to assure you that safeguarding your devices and providing the best customer experience are our top priorities. We are actively working towards streamlining our customer journey with a single app installation. We remain committed to continual improvement and development of our services for our customers.

    Regarding recent updates:

    • The latest version for Windows is 19.5, and for Mac, it is 19.7.
    • To address the issue of frequent logouts on iOS devices, we have released version 24.0 of the F-Secure app.

    Please ensure that you have updated and installed the app to the latest version available.

    Thank you for your understanding, and have a good day.

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