browsing protection and poor performance problem

IE9 keeps nagging me that Browsing Protection slows it down! Smiley Sad


  • Jack
    Jack Posts: 69 Active Engager

    Browsing protection toolbar in IE9 shows
    web page filter is off
    time limits are off

    but I can find nowhere what these are.  What is the web page filter and what are time limits?  Should I have them turned on?  Thanks for any help

  • Jack
    Jack Posts: 69 Active Engager

    This bothers me as well.  I've told Microsoft I want the browsing protection on from F Secure and would like to be able to turn off that warning that keeps popping up and has to be x'd out.  Certainly if I didn't want an add on I would delete it, Microsoft has gone nuts on this.  They are afraid other browsers are going to beat them time wise, but I use IE because I get the warnings from F Secure and can't get them on Google Chrome

  • Gary
    Gary Posts: 70 Former F-Secure Employee



    Web page filter and Time limits are features belong to Online Safety (Parental control that protects your children online. For more information please click here - Using the Internet safely). You may leave it turn off if you do not need those features.

    For steps to enable or disable Add-ons in Internet Explorer 9 kindly click on the link here.


    Thank you.


    Best regards,


  • Jack
    Jack Posts: 69 Active Engager

    Thank you Gary.  I'm new at this and had no idea, this was very helpful

  • patet
    patet Posts: 57

    The problem is that every time IE is launched, it nags that F-Secure is slowing it down and recommends disabling browsing protection.

  • patet
    patet Posts: 57

    Do you plan on fixing this sometime in the future? Its annoying that every single time IE is launched, it nags about F-Secure slowing it down, and of course that it slows down browsing isnt nice either.

  • beiker
    beiker Posts: 33

    I believe they are currently looking on this and hopefully it gets listed in the next release. 

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