Why is Freedome changing my DNS settings?

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I use Freedome version 2.45.888.0 on Windows 10 Enterprise build 18363.2212. I use my computer on Ethernet in my office and on Wifi, using Freedome, at external locations. Sometimes, after having used Freedome on Wifi then coming into the office after starting up the computer, the Ethernet connection shows no internet.

I look at the adapter settings and it shows the DNS server has been manually set to either or I've checked all adapter settings in netsh dump. I took screenshot of the IPv4 configuration when the internet works correctly after having used Freedome. I've looked at netsh dump again after the fault has happened but it doesn't show anything different about the routes, interfaces or subinterfaces.

I understand that Freedome uses DNS-over-HTTPS to anonymise DNS queries but if it's going to set Windows's DNS server address to localhost, it should at least set it back after leaving the program. I don't know why would be an option either.

Is this being addressed in a new version of the client?

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    Hi @RossSSD

    Welcome to our Community page. Thank you for your post.

    I have consulted with our FREEDOME team.

    It should set it to only while VPN is connected/connecting and proper DNS address is set only to FREEDOME adapter (FREEDOMEVPNConnection) to prevent Windows from trying to send DNS through other interfaces. It should restore original DNS address once the VPN is disconnected.

    If DNS of real interface is left as even after VPN has been manually disconnected, then we require logs to investigate the issue.

    However, it is unclear if the internet is not working or if it just Windows network state information is incorrect. For incorrect state information issue, you may go to this link for support article https://community.f-secure.com/freedome-en/kb/articles/6928-limited-network-availability-warning-shown-with-freedome-vpn

    Thank you and stay safe.


  • RossSSD
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    The actual interface's DNS address is set to after Freedome is quit. The support article isn't applicable to the issue I'm having.

    Which logs do you need?


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    Hi @RossSSD

    We would like to request FSDIAG from your Windows. Kindly do the following to generate the log file.

    After generating the file, you can send the file to me. I have sent you a private message.

    To generate a log file with your computer:

    1. Open the Freedome app.
    2. Click Help. The Help page opens.
    3. Click About Freedome. The About Freedome page opens.
    4. Click seven times on the version number. The Run support tool button is displayed at the bottom of the screen.
    5. Click Run support tool.
    6. Enter your administrator credentials if prompted. The F-Secure Support Tool dialog opens.
    7. Click Run diagnostics. The tool starts collecting information. As soon as the tool finishes collecting the information, it saves the FSDIAG file to your desktop
    8. Attach the FSDIAG file to your support request.

    Thank you and stay safe.

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