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I'm using Android 5.0 (and can't never update this Version !!!) and have Key for F-Secure SAFE for 3 devices.

F-Secure SAFE doesn't work on Android 5.0.

But F-Secure Mobile Security from Play Store works. But only for 30 Days.

How can I get a right key only for 1 device.

I want to use 2 devices with F-Secure SAFE and 1 device with F-Secure Mobile.


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  • Amirul
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    Hi @BeHue

    Thank you for reaching out to F-Secure Community.

    I did a check on your My F-Secure account and it seems that you purchase your F-Secure SAFE subscription through F-Secure partner. Kindly proceed to contact the reseller so that they can help you with the change of subscription.

    For the F-Secure Mobile Security, the subscription is only available through Google Play Store as it is only applicable for Android devices.

    Let me know if you have any inquiries.

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