Setup Freedome VPN on Windows 10

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Greeting, hackers and users.

This issue is driving me crazy...

Would like to setup a VPN connection on Windows 10. I do have a valid Freedome VPN but the only thing I can is to download their own program and run it...

Ok, pretty good solution... just download and run! No more thinking...

Come on, F-secure, I want to be able to enter all the server names and ports manually...

Is it somehow possible to get it somewhere? Maybe you can publish it somewhere as an alternative method to setup VPN?


  • LucaseuropaLucaseuropa Posts: 179 Moderator

    Dear @Zyber,

    Thank you very much for your interesting question!

    I did some digging and found out this on our Help Guide website, please familiarize yourself with the article below:

    I hope that the chapter 'Network and connections' that you can find there will help you finding answers to your questions 😉



  • ZyberZyber Posts: 5 New Member

    Well, your reply helped half of my problem...

    Have you ever setup a VPN connection on windows 10?

    Try to do it.

    You MUST fill in "Server name or address" and "VPN type".

    Server name - there is sooo much on helpsite... server here and server there but nothing in clear text like "To setup VPN on Windows 10, use server ***.***.***.***."

    VPN type - 1. Automatic 2. PtP 3. L2TP Certificate 4. L2TP pre-shared 5. SSTP 6. IKEv2

    So, the question remains.

  • LucaseuropaLucaseuropa Posts: 179 Moderator

    Hey @Zyber !

    Let me rephrase it - it's not possible to set up F-Secure FREEDOME VPN connection manually on Windows 10.



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