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I have this problem on my F-Secure safe app. When I install app or file f-secure deletes it. When I go to app and file control it doesn't open it. How do I fix this problem.



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    It sounds like something is wrong. So, good to know a bit more information about your setting. What is version of your F-Secure SAFE (rightclick tray-logo - "About" then). What is your OS/platform version (Windows .. )?

    But, in general, the most useful step is to contact their direct Support Channels (for example, web-chat):

    Support Agents with an ability to provide remote help and assistance.

    Another way is to try "reinstallation'. For example, by common uninstallation (Control Panel - List of installed applications - uninstall F-Secure SAFE). Then to use "for sure" - F-Secure Uninstallation Tool ( Then install F-Secure SAFE back.


    When I go to app and file control it doesn't open it.

    Is there any output about? Also, did you try do this on account with Administrators rights? And did you see "UAC" prompt?


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