Problem renewing SAFE

Carolina1973Carolina1973 Posts: 2 New Member


I have now tried several times to renew my subscription through the email F-secure sent for renewal. But when I click to pay I’m repeatedly forwarded to a page that says: Sorry this page doesn’t exist. And that I should start all over again. Which gives the same result.

anyone with the same problem?


  • SimonSimon Posts: 2,618 Superuser

    Have you tried renewing through your portal?

    If you get the same result, you may need to contact Support:

    But on occasions when I've said that, they've come on here and said there was a problem with the server, so you may wish to hold on until the morning and check back here.

  • JaimsJaims Posts: 416 Moderator

    Hi @Carolina1973

    We are sincerely sorry to know that you faced some challenges while trying to renew your subscription. As we can see, you have successfully renewed for another year.

    There was no technical issue recorded at our end, hence we would suggest that next time, try to clear the browsing data of the affected browser or try using another browser.

    We also recommend renewing via the Subscription tab of your My F-Secure portal.

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