ID protection shows never used password

Just installed ID Protection, two E-Mail accounts added.

One Account shows serios danger, when I see the Password in Clear „Eye“, a password is shown, I definitly NEVER used. (Blume123).

Can I ignore this?


  • JaimsJaims Posts: 445 Moderator

    Hi @TomFra

    This is not impossible but quite strange. The breach results present to end users, with information collected from past breaches, will only be shown if the email address is present on the published breach.

    We do not control the information published related to those breaches, we only monitor.

    since the breaches are normally database dumps obtained by hackers, and the source is the service they attacked, it's most likely that you registered a dummy account and then forgot about it than presuming that the database dump is wrong.

    If the information published is not accurate or contains a password you never used, then that is what the report will show hence you may ignore it or request the admin to delete your data.

  • LaieLaie Posts: 1 New Member

    Hallo Jaims, bin neu hier, das gleiche ist bei mir auch passiert. Habe Passwort geändert und

    nun frage ich, wie und wo diese Datenpannen gelöscht werden können.

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