Is this even legit?


Im obviously being hacked or have container what must be a pretty agressive malware atm. Being blocked from everything that could help me (including F secure. Currently on someone elses device) and directed by fake websites to like password/bank/etc-settings instead. The camera’s on all devices (both front-facing and outgoing) are activated and locked in a live-mode. I Have lost access to all my accounts, to everything, and Im being blocked from creating new one’s (except like bank-stuff). Managed to create an Apple-ID but after 10 min that was taken over too. Its insane. And all of this is happening (on iPhone and iPad) AFTER them being completely wiped clean and reseted to factory settings. It just comes back as soon as some sort of activity starts. (My MacBook is locked in safe-mode instead, cant even be rebooted with cmd+opt+R. Has completely given up it seemes) Anyways u get the picture.

(Also I want to ad that I am a complete dummie when it comes to this sort of things.. so dont yell at me about everything Ive done wrong, ok?)

Point finally being: F-secure hasnt said a single word about this. Not even a little red blinking light or something. All is fine according to F-secure. How is that possible????

I only have the ”SAFE” version, but still. And I would gladly pay more for a ”better” subscription but not until I get some sort of proof that it actually work.

And one last thing. Like I said I lost access to my ”old” email, which I used here on F-secure for inlog, so now I have created a new F-secure account with my new email. Can you help me with this by either merge both accounts (into this) or cancel my old, lost one? I’d rather not give more account details here, so please contact me on email (this) for further ado.

Looking forward to your replies!



  • Simon
    Simon Posts: 2,667 Superuser

    I have no real idea how to help you, but when you reset both devices back to factory settings, did you then restore from a backup? I'm wondering if possibly your iCloud account may have been hacked and that's how you got the infection back?

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