How to limit the scope of searching ?

How could the scope of searching be limited to e.g. PSB board ?


kind regards



  • MonikaLMonikaL Posts: 182 Moderator

    Hi PatchPanel,

    You should be able to see the filters when searching in the community. It will appear once you hit enter and when the search results show. You will then be able to search by filters like "Location", "Labels", "Author", "Date" etc.

    You may refer to the below screenshot.





    Also, we have a help faq page in our community. It should be available when you click your profile icon and in the drop down as 'HELP'. It also contains some information about searching.


  • PatchPanel1PatchPanel1 Posts: 33 Explorer

    Hi MonikaL,


    thanks for your reply.


    According to your screenshot your search phrase is being searched in the "Protection Service for Business" Forum. That's what I am looking for but to no avail.

    What's the trick ?



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