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I've been looking at F-Secure options for Linux and from what I've found is a lot of weird stuff. Appearantly its not feasable for a bigger company to make a Linux port of a VPN, which smaller companies have done. And even after the high ups going on about IOT being a bad thing and so on, why isn't the open source OS supported? Can someone please explaine why exactly isn't there a linux port? If there is not gonna be one, after my year is up, I'm gonna hop to a better supported option.


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    Hello @Huginn 


    One of the main reason is Microsoft, Mac OSX, Android and iOS are available to anyone, due to wider audience of consumers and users that we are currently unable to confirm  to have a Linux version of F-Secure FREEDOME. Please refer this KB article to know all supported version for Freedome and why doesn't have a Linux version.



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    The real answer to F-Secure supporting is to provide either OpenVPN profiles, WireGuard profiles, or IKEv2 profiles. 

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    Mulvad provides WireGuard.  PIA gives OVPN, for example.  


    You must authenticate with a username/password. An app isn't required. 


    You can use Streisand or Algo to spin up your own VPN on a public cloud server.  I prefer Algo/WireGuard.  A Digital Ocean droplet works great for 5$ US per month. 

    However, I do also like my packet traffic to be somewhat anonymized by using an IP address other people use too. 

    Use pfSense to connect to one of the VPN providers who publish a connection profile to cover your entire network...


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    Fragmentation of distributions isn't a large issue, because of tarballs. Virtually any distribution can build the software out of these.


    Blender and Steam (closed source) are like this, for example. They don't offer distribution-exclusive versions.


    But like it was said, a profile is even more simple.


    I'd like to stay as a customer, but that seems to be impossible, once I transfer from Windows to Linux soon.

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