I need help. I can't use app, it ask me about rights

Today first time I saw question from my app like "Freedom needs to restart services for which administrative rights are required." I gave it this rights but it still does't work! I butloaded pc - it still does't work all time ask me about rights for services. On my smart-phone it work.

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    Hi @TaburetKa 


    First, ensure you are logged in as Admin and installation was done with the Admin profile, if not reinstallation is required via the Admin profile.


    Was Freedome active on this device before now or is this a new installation? If it is not a new installation, may we recommend that you try to reinstall Freedome from the Admin profile and try again? If issue persists, do follow the below steps to change the UAC settings.


    - Open Control Panel

    - Users Account

    - Change UAC Settings


    You may want to take a look at this article here


  • TaburetKaTaburetKa Posts: 3

    This app worked before, from December 2018. This problems begun yesterday, I am using it not so often. And how I said I gave it all administration rights - it does't work.

  • TaburetKaTaburetKa Posts: 3

    Not actual - I reinstalled and now it work

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