"Something" keeps "hijacking" my digital newspaper.

I'm not certain that I'm using the right terminology.  I subscribe to a digital edition of my local newspaper.  The web site is "www.democratandchronicle.com."  It used to work just fine.  In the past month or so, I find I'm not able to log on.  It says something to the effect, "we appreciate our European Union friends, but it's not possible for them to subscribe to the newspaper at this time."  When I look at the web site, it is listed as "eu.democratandchronicle.com"  I go into my cookies and find it.  I erase it, only to find that it reappears a day or two later. 

I have changed all the passwords I can possibly think of.  I was hoping that Freedome would block it, but it hasn't.  If I have to do something to make this happen, please let me know.  If that's not possible, please let me know how to block it on my own.  I'm using Window 10 and have used both browsers Chrome and Firefox, but it's made no difference.

Is there any remedy??

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    Hello @skiellach 


    I think that you are experiencing constant pop-up ads, login/trips to websites you didn’t intend to visit, a frequently changing home page, ads trying to sell you obscure security software or other odd browser behavior eventhough Freedome is ON on your machine.


    If yes, the Browsing Protection in Freedome VPN is intended to protect your traffic by blocking virus, harmful sites and tracking attempts. Adds on websites are not considerated as such, and are a legitimate way for websites to generate revenue. Have Google as an example with their Google adds.


    I doubt that your computer is probably infected with an aggressive adware program.I suggest you try to use our 30 days trial of F-secure Safe to perform a Full Computer scan that should scan your entire computer to be completely sure that it has no harmful files or unwanted applications.

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