How can I create an exception for a certain software (exe) in F-Secure SAFE?


I use memoQ, a local computer-aided translation environment, which connects to a cloud server for synchronization. This synching process is very slow, which the software supplier says is caused by F-Secure. He recommended finding out where I can add the memoq.exe in F-Secure as an exception for real-time-scanning.

Can you help?

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    I am only an F-Secure user (their home solutions).

    It should be possible to do by next steps:

    - open F-Secure SAFE main user interface (click for tray-picture or doubleclick desktop F-Secure logo);

    - switch tab from main ("AV") to "Tools" (left-tabbed menu);

    - choose "App and file control";

    - choose "Excluded" tab and "Add" required executable or folder;

    For example, next Online Help is about subject with more "clear" explanation:

    Or next Knowledgebase article:

    Although, I am not sure that it is a recommended step. Since it will reduce security state a bit (all activities by executable are "allowed"). But if troubles with syncing indeed are related with F-Secure scanning - it is possible, at least, to check if exclusion list is helpful there. Good if you will back with feedback.


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    Thank you very much!


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    Though I have the impression that the synch errors have reduced in number since I've added the *.exe as an exception, they have still come up.

    The company's support dept. the even recommended to remove my real-time virus scanner completely, stating that Windows Defender was enough... But of course I won't.

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