Transfering Internet Security 2012 subscription to another PC

I have a valid subscrition for F Secure Internet Security 2012, but my home PC has just ided. I have purchsed a new laptop but will I be able to install F-secure onto the new PC without the download system thinking I am trying to buy an additional copy? I'm not sure of security key. Will I be able to find out what this is?

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  • Hello!


    When i am using a  License for three PC's ...

    How can I select which License will be moved to the new PC?


    How can i locate which PC's are using the three Licenses?



  • manynemanyne Posts: 46

    Hello GalazyRumbler,


    You can check the status of subscription key on the F-Secure Internet Security 2012. Right click on the F-Secure Lauch Pad and choose "View my subscriptions"


    When you using the 1-3 user licence key, you will see that under Subscription Status, which computer name  is using the key.


    To locate the license key, you can see the My Identity Code comes with unique identity under the same subscription status. Each subscription number comes with different unique identity code.








  • Hello Nesak,


    thank you for your help.  This weekend i will have time again to have a look for this.


    Actually i can check this only on a Windows 7 System  with F-Secure 2011.

    There is no Launch pad available?

    Can i update to F-Secure 2012?






  • manynemanyne Posts: 46

    Hi Gerd,


    Yes. You can upgrade to F-Secure 2012. You can download and install F-Secure 2012 from the link below:



    F-Secure 2011 doesn't come with Launch Pad. Launch Pad is avaiable for F--Secure 2012.





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