F-S for android mobile beta

Hello !

just received your mail asking for new mobile testers, as requested I jumped to the Google play store, installed what obviously is NOT a beta, can you help ?

thank you


  • What makes you think so?

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    Sorry for my reply.


    As I understand it (after your topic I found this mail-letter): it is still "fs protection" with its build as it was before letter.

    So, if your experience is about "FS Protection" (published by DF-Data Oy) - it is a beta. Only change is request by F-Secure Team to be more active with Mac, iOS and Android platforms.

    Off-topic: by the way, all of my recent (months?!) reports for Android-platform is unanswered/uncommented.

    But partly  this design is valid for all platforms (Windows too) - while I see that most (or all) Windows platform reports are monitored, at least. Missed comment and custom status (after default) is not important trigger for something anymore. It is received.


    With Android-platform (basically, with Windows probably too) reports - all of my recent reports are not really critical ones. And critical - impossible to fix (or ?! tricky to do). :)


    Just interesting -- does something fresh is planned for Android platform? For example, some features or changes with design?


  • what makes me think it should be a beta is the mail "The feedback must be sent using your FS Protection account through beta.f-secure.com from  Risto Kumpulainen Principal Quality Engineer, Consumer Cyber Security R&D.

    Maybe I did not understand correctly

  • Our beta called FS protection is available for mobiles on appstores. Please get the client there and start testing.

  • sorry for being stubborn but I can't find it in th playstore, pls refer to my captureCapture.PNG


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    Sounds that it is 'latest' at the second row.

    FS Protection is FS Protection beta itself too. :)


    // and feedback/reports are expected to be under beta.f-secure.com portal (FS Protection project). your previous quote is about such flow probably.



  • Thx ukko but it does not seem to be a genuine F-S

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    @yeoldfart wrote:

    Thx ukko but it does not seem to be a genuine F-S



    I do use it.

    Did you mean "publisher"? Or why it is not a genuine F-S?

    If "publisher" - it is OK (used for beta).



  • beacause it is so much graphically different
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    my own feelings are that F-Secure SAFE (stable) and FS Protection (F-Secure SAFE beta and FS Protection beta itself) with pretty corresponding interface to each other. Or even with small count of differences (for except logo). And as my own understanding - both applications are maintained by one F-Secure Mobile team.

    Or do I wrongly understand your concern? If so - sorry for this!

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