XFENCE beta 1.8.90 released

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We have published an updated version of the standalone XFENCE beta, version 1.8.90, which should fix reported kernel panics on macOS Mojave by disabling NVRAM protections, as we could not find a way to monitor NVRAM changes reliably.


The new version is available for download from the XFENCE beta project on https://beta.f-secure.com and existing users should get an update notification today.


Remember to _disable XFENCE_ before installing the new version. After the upgrade has finished, you need to reboot to take the new version into use.


 - Rasmus on behalf of F-Secure R&D Mac Team

Rasmus Sten

F-Secure Technology, Mac Team


  • Vivami
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    Thanks a lot for this update. Can you please elaborate on what the security implications are of “disabling nvram protections” on macOS?



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