SAFE content filtering should not set YouTube restricted mode to ON

If any content filtering is active with F-Secure SAFE, then in Chrome you go to YouTube, the restricted mode is set to ON and many completely harmless videos are disabled, as are all comments for all videos This doesn't occur with other browsers and is a bad idea and should be removed. 


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    Sorry for my reply; I'm also only F-Secure user.

    With my experience - it is valid for any supported browsers with installed Browsing Protection extension and if just Content Blocker is enabled.

    And I think that maybe it is unexpected view (not sure that it is 'feature' with proper design; maybe YouTube's own filtering with too much "false positives"); while it may be valid for certain use with active F-Secure kids profile or certain 'category' of Content blocker/filtering (maybe just tune up is needed; rather than complete 'removal').




    // @UncleP, maybe you do able to try this board (as search for some XFENCE topics or to start fresh discussion about):

    or to use related project under F-Secure beta-portal for XFENCE (as bug-report).

    Also, just because F-Secure XFENCE is based on Little Flocker - maybe your trouble is valid for Little Flocker too (and it may be useful to search about 'previous' solution - what if it is discussed previously).

    By the way -> there is 'recent' topic under another board (than suggested):



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