Freedome on Mac cannot connect after waking up from sleep

I have recently started using Freedome on Mac (purchased subscription). I noticed that Freedome cannot connect after Mac wakes from sleep. Only way I can make Freedome connect successfully is by restarting it. Is it a bug? Why does it fail to connect after sleep? How do I troubleshoot it?



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    Hi girishsj,


    May I know what is the OS of your Mac? And also, what is the version of Freedome installed?


    What happens when your Mac wakes up from sleep? Does it keeps connecting and show any error message? Is it happening recently after any changes?



  • girishsjgirishsj Posts: 7

    macOS Sierra - version 10.12.5

    Freedome - version 1.13.3596.0


    When Mac wakes up from sleep, Freedome tries to reconnect and I see "Connecting... ON" message displayed in the status circle. It stays in "Connecting... ON" state for long time (10-15min) before I Quit/Stop the Freedome application. It does not show any error message.


    I recently (less than 1 week ago) purchased Freedome. This has been happening from day 1 on my mac. There has been no change in my mac or my internet router (no new config, no new software/hardware besides Freedome).


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    Hi girishsj,


    Based on your version number, it seems to be an old version installed and we have a newer version of Freedome released after that. Could you please try to install the latest version and let us know if the issue persists?


  • girishsjgirishsj Posts: 7

    What is the new version? Where can I download it from?


    The version I have downloaded is from f-secure website.. just a week ago. Also, if I click check update from within the application, I don't see any new version available for download.


    So, I am not sure what you are talking about.


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    Hi girishsj,


    My apologies, indeed that is the recent version for Mac. Let me check on this and get back to you if this might need further troubleshooting with the logs.


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    Hi girishsj,


    Could you please let us know how long it takes for the Mac to join the network after the sleep with Freedome turned off?

  • girishsjgirishsj Posts: 7

    > Could you please let us know how long it takes for the Mac to join

    > the network after the sleep with Freedome turned off?


    The Mac joins the network without any delay after the sleep. I can start browsing instantly after it wakes from the sleep. The Mac is connected on the ethernet port (with static IP address; no DHCP) to the home router; in other words, no wifi involved.


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    Hi girishsj,


    This might need further investigation with our support team along with the logs. I have escalated this case to our support team to proceed further. They will communicate to you via email.


  • t1m0t1m0 Posts: 3


    here ia a same problem. Any solutions yet please?


    Greetings Timo


    macOS Sierra ver 10.12.6 (16G29)

    Freedome ver 1.19.3659.0

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    Hi t1m0,


    Please get in touch with our support team via chat/phone in order to investigate this issue further.

  • My problem went away just when the technical support asked me to collect sample for the processes. But the problem is now back.


    Just heads up, I was asked to collect the following when the problem was happening.


    Run each command from the terminal:

        sudo sample openvpn -f openvpn-sample.txt
        sudo sample Freedome -f Freedome-sample.txt
        sudo sample FreedomeDaemon -f FreedomeDaemon-sample.txt


    Hope they find the bug soon and fix it.


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    Hi girishsj,


    Thank you for providing us with your feedback. I have passed on your reply to the support team so that they can continue the troubleshooting with you.


  • t1m0t1m0 Posts: 3

    Still same problem. Now using ver. 2.11.5038.


    Greetings T


  • Me too. I upgraded to ver But still the "same" problem.


    The only difference now is -- earlier I had to restart the application to get it connected (after waking up). Now, I have to turn off VPN (attempting to connect) and turn it back on (which then succeeds).


    I didn't bother to respond to Support case (to keep it open); I don't have time to troubleshoot this with the support.


  • luke89luke89 Posts: 1

    i am having the same problem too

  • Same problem has been occurring for a few days now. Freedome is stuck connecting every time after waking up. Turning it off/on or changing location solves it but that's not how it's supposed to work. Running on Sierra 10.12.6 (16G1114) and Freedome 2.12.5051.0. Please fix this.




  • nichtsnichts Posts: 2

    Yes, after the latest update, Freedome does NOT connect to the vpn. I have to manually turn Freedome OFF and ON to get it connect. It all started after the latest update. I didnt even realized it! This product should have a kill switch, if the network can still work when Freedome doesnt work at all. This need to be fixed immediately!


    MacOS High Sierra 10.13.2

    Freedome 2.11.5038.0


    I also have another problem, related to probably this issue - my NAS doesn go to sleep, it is now spinning disks all the time. (Started after updating Freedome. - probably Freedome is scanning/trying to connect, but nothing happens and causing this odd phenomenon with the NAS.)

  • Actually I noticed it's not about going to sleep. It only happens when switching networks while asleep, e.g. work->home wifi.

  • VetraciVetraci Posts: 156 Adventurer



    Cannot confirm.


    Reconnection fails every time wakening Mac from sleep mode. I am on version 2.12 but nothing changed. Bug is still there.

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    Hello Everyone,

    I have forwarded your posts to our team.

    Freedome team is aware of the reconnection issue and the bug has been found. The fix is in progress.

  • I upgraded to 2.14.5108.0 and the problem seems to be fixed now. Thank you.

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    Appreciate the update, @girishsj! I will pass the feedback to our Freedome team.

  • Terve!


    Same here! The problem is gone.


    Thank You!

  • Sorry, my thread on the Finnish forum had been marked solved & locked, so I'm replying here - the problem seems the same, and for me it has NOT gone away:

    Every time after waking up the Mac I have to restart, otherwise Freedome doesn't connect and internet connection doesn't seem to work at all (it does work after restart with Freedome closed). After restart Freedome is off by default and doesn't react when clicking "ON", only after changing the location: now the icon blinks 2-3 times and then turns OFF. Only after switching location several times one of them eventually sticks. If I then choose to change location after a while, I basically have to restart again, because the icon just keeps blinking forever (well, I waited ~10 min) without connecting or turns OFF again.

    Clicking "check updates" does nothing. I've had version 2.14.5108.0 for some time now and the problems persist. Is there a newer version?

  • t1m0t1m0 Posts: 3
    Same kind symptoms. After sleeping my Mac does not connect to net at all. After restart it seems to work good. This has happened twice before with this version of Freedome.
  • In addition to losing valuable working time  with constant fiddling with restart/connect/wait/reset/wait/close program/restart again/wait/repeat etc, I'm also beginning to lose my patience.


    Any solution to be expected for this problem anytime soon?

    I mean..."please"?


  • Same issue , looking forward to having it resolved. Latest Mac os and Freedome version. 

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    Hello Everyone,


    Please get in touch with our support team via chat or phone so that this can be investigated further. We need logs to look into and our support team can guide you further.

  • DgriffDgriff Posts: 1

    Restarts straight away

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