Freedome VPN running at router level

Given the current changes allowing ISPs to capture and sell your account activity info, I would think this would be a major issue. I am really surprised to see the note that this topic was discontinued for lack of interest.


The management of F-Secure should take a second look at this to see if they are missing a major shift in user direction.


My personal feeling is that router based vpn is clearly the logical path for any small business or home that wants something close to "enterprise / business strength" security.



  • LakshLaksh Posts: 4,430 Community Manager

    Hi emcclusky,


    Your feedback has been passed to our product team. However, we don’t have plans for router version of Freedome at the moment.

  • VasilVasil Posts: 5


    Any news regarding this issue?

    I am using Asus router which has a possibility to run PPTP, LT2P and OpenVPN and would be great if I can use Freedome VPN server straight to my router.

    Screenshot 2017-10-29 11.45.15.pngScreenshot 2017-10-29 11.45.18.png

  • LakshLaksh Posts: 4,430 Community Manager

    Hi Vasil,


    No further news about this. We don't have plans for router version of Freedome at the moment.

  • TritsTrits Posts: 1
    sad to hear that.. looks like many of us have to look at other vpns.
  • joelijoeli Posts: 1

    Hi. I am thinking about cancell my subscription and get a VPN that can run at router level.

    Do you have any suggestions and alterantives to Freedome ?

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