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I've just bought a new mobile with 22 months free security but because (away in the past) I had subscribed VM is now trying to chisel £25 out of me as my subscription has lapsed ... any suggestions please?


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    Maybe possible to contact direct F-Secure Support channels (chat/phone):


    or VM-support. And ask about 'clarification' (if your experience about 'money-back');


    With another meanings.. I able to think about:


    --> that your mobile (?!) can be with promo security (one year) as F-Secure SAFE? (or F-Secure Mobile Security).... and maybe required to create 'fresh' account (as fresh customer).


    Does this meanings valid for your situation? And your words with meanings that you 'login' to your previous account with try to active 'promo', but as result.. it goes to be as fresh purchase (?!).

    Maybe such 'promo' with limitation about certain steps to activate it (maybe available some instructions). And 'fresh account'  can be one of them (as not possible to use such 'subscription' as renew, for example);


    I'm also only F-Secure user (their home solutions); Sorry for my reply!



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