Anti-Virus 2012 ei pysy käynnissä


Asensin juuri Anti-Virus 2012 ohjelman ja se näyttää aluksi olevan kunnossa mutta hetken kuluttua "Virus- ja vakoiluohjelmatarkastukseen" sekä "Ajoitettuun tarkistukseen" tulee toimintahäiriö. "DeepGuard" näyttäisi toimivan.


Mitä pitäisi tehdä?



  • [Deleted User]
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    Hi masa,

    Could you please post your question in english?


    Best Regards,

  • tidaltides
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    I just installed Anti-Virus 2012 program, and it seems to be fine at first but after a while, "Virus and spyware checks" and "scheduled scan" starts malfunctioning. "DeepGuard"seems to work.
    What should I do?


    That is what masa said. Anyway, try to be more specific on what type of problem you encountered.image

  • F-kurre

    Got same problem. Pls, tell how you solved it?

  • Janiashvili
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    I think, you should post it in same language, then someone translates it and problem will be fixed...

    Try to check for updates, go to common settings of "F-Secure logo" in Launch Pad, then there should be something which displays downloaded content; similar should be in Anti-Virus(or Computer Security) button on Launch Pad, go to its setting, there should be place for downloaded updates. Check if everything is installed correctly(every update or something). If something isn't installed, try to update somehow.

    well, if you had that kind of problem - that will be easily solved. However, if that was not problem or trying to solve it couldn't do anything, then generate report using "support tool"(right click F-Secure logo in launch pad, there should be that tool), then go to contact support and give them this report.

    or, if you can't solve, contact support anyway
  • vedham
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    Please post it in english.

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