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I am running a trial copy of  F-Secure following a troubled period with BitDefender  and hope for better things !!  Am I correct in thinking that there used to be a seperate desktop icon for F-Secure Banking, I cannot find it on my trial copy .  Safe Banking is working to the point that when I access my banking url up pops the floating window . Am I missing something in my download ?


  • redvet
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    OK got that and thanks for quick response.  I guess I got used to BD being able to load the bank urls in the seperate banking mode.  I had a bit of a problem getting FS to recognise one of my banks ( no bar appeared) but after several attempts it showed up and I bookmarked it and it seems OK to access now.

    When the trial is over I might decide to add Freedome to get extra cover since I use online banking quite a lot.  Didn't see that option when I downloaded the trial and too late now that the SAFE package is running.

  • Vetraci
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    Freedome is a standalone product, no matter you buy it saparately to an exisiting F-Secure Safe license or as a software bundle (= F-Secure Total Security).  So watch out for the best offer Smiley Wink 


    FAQs: F-Secure Total


    If your're having problems with banking urls please submit it and report your issue here:

    Report issues / submit samples

  • redvet
    redvet Posts: 40 Explorer

    Appreciate your advices thank you.

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