Impossible to send mail from when Freedome is activated smtp systematically fail when Freedom is activated while there is no problem whenever Freedome is Off.


  • Hi FDU

    So, Orange is a teleoperator in Franche.
    I send here a note: how to send emails when using Freedome,

    Read it please.
    You could check Freedomes settings too.


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    I am already using smtps with port 465 and it works with Freedome and other emails providers but not with Orange in France.

    I did not find yet any hints about that reading Orange configurations instructions.


  • I have no more ideas, perhaps someone French knows better.
    Is it absolutely necessary, that you are using Orange? Perhaps as your job.emailaddress?
    Could you send emails via other providers?
    This is only my suggestion.

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    Yes, as indicated, it is working with other providers used by my wife and children but unfortunately not for me with Orange.

  • One idea came to my mind:
    Is it possible, that mailing program is on server, for example Outlook Server, not in your own computer > picture is not the same.
    I was judging by [email protected]

    Näsäviisas, again
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    I am using Mail in iOS.

  • In some cases, home network> configure and set up port access
    F-Secures iOS product uses IPSEC VPN Standard.
    The ports for iOS:
    UDP 500 - ISAKMP

    I found this advice.
    Does it help?
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    Just as addition for discussion. Freedome-board with some topics (partly related with your setting; some point or another point). Just examples:


    I also did brief 'query' with Google Search about "" smtp VPN"" and there is quite many local search results (?!). Maybe such situation is popular topic. What if it can be useful to re-check such articles (but probably you already did that!).


    As another suggestion -> did you try disable "Tracking Protection" or "Browsing Protection" features under Freedome? I do not able to be sure that it can be useful - but why do not try it?!




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