Tinder app doesn't work :(

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The tinder app doesn't work with Freedome VPN turned on. I tried to turn off tracking protection, but the messages on the app from other users don't come through. Is there anyway to resolve this?


I want to use the VPN all of the time, but have to leave it switched off on my phone so I can get the messages. 




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    Go to Freedome > settings > apps passing by VPN > select Tinder

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    I tried to do this but I have no such option on my device.


    I am using the app on iOS 10. Would this only be an option on other OS?

  • Yes, on Android-operating system.

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    Ok thanks for trying to help.

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    There was already topic about 'Tinder' and Freedome:



    And if "Tracking Protection" or "Browsing Protection" with disabled-state do not fix situation -> I able to suggest next steps for 'sort it':


    ---> Such situation can be with meanings that "Tinder" do block VPN-technologies (or other 'technologies' with partly related meanings); Maybe based on their Terms or Rules;


    I able to think that such situation can be as protection against exploiting service or break their rules by VPN solutions;

    It's possible to track/get some information about user (real information) even he do use VPN; But more often required some efforts.

    Just detect that there is "VPN"-connection or user do use "VPN" not so large trouble. And likely that some services able to try detect it (just as fact that there is "VPN"-connections); For example, with difference about your 'virtual location' time and your own system time (as not 'hack'-trick example);


    So, SORT STEPS can be about contacting "Tinder" developers (?!) and ask them about "do not block VPN" or even do explain that you do use "VPN" for 'secure' your network usage under 'strange' public Wi-Fi or so; While you do not try to break any of their rules/terms and basically there is no reasons for prevent your access to service... only based on VPN-solution;


    If Tinder do not block/prevent VPN-technologies; So.. maybe there is just 'incompatible' status of their software/service/application and VPN-design. As example, limitations about IPs per account and so. When you do use Freedome -> there is already not your "IP", but "Freedome servers" (which can be re-used or so) and maybe Tinder just restrict such things (automatically).



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    If you are unable to use tinder using the VPN then maybe you should try these free famous dating app and choose the one that works for you. 

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