F Secure leaves others in the 1980s!

Initially had Panda installed on my new laptop for a year. 

Even a deep scan found nothing suspicious so carried on using the laptop totally unaware that three trojans were on my hard drive!

I installed f secure last week and within minutes it flagged up the trojans (js) and moved them to the quarantine.

Now i know whyit is called F Safe- the F stands for Feel!


  • Näsäviisas
    Näsäviisas Posts: 784 Superuser
    Good to know!

    F-Secures apps are excellent.
    For explanation: Panda means here antivirus app.

    Thanks Johnioann!🌷

  • Johnioann
    Johnioann Posts: 9 Explorer

    Hello- Unfortunately F- Safe (as well as other AVs) cannot remove viruses within the .PST folder- which is where outlook stores all your emails- unfortunately the folder is locked and not accessable. F-safe will tell you the folder is infected BUT cannot do anything to remove it.


    You can however click start on your PC and then search and type MRT to launch Microsofts own malicious removal tool.

    Select full scan and it will locate the infected email and clean it.


    Infected folder-


    • Items scanned: 1
    • Harmful items found: 1 (Scan stopped)
    • Trojan.Uztuby.9

    Hope this helps someone out :) 


  • Näsäviisas
    Näsäviisas Posts: 784 Superuser
    You can take contact to F-Secures support:

  • Johnioann
    Johnioann Posts: 9 Explorer

    Hello thank you for your help.

    virus is still in my outlook folder on rescan.

    i think I will copy the .pst to another folder so I can scan it with f,safe and locate the email with virus individually.



    thank you again.

  • Johnioann
    Johnioann Posts: 9 Explorer

    Ok so here goes.

    The infected file is in the .pst folder. This is the folder used for outlook mail.

    Open outlook and select at least fifty percent of the emails and copy them to a new folder on your desktop.

    Do the same with the other fifty percent- to another folder.

    Delete all deleted mails, spam mails and junk mail in outlook.

    Now go to the folders on your desktop with the copied emails in and scan them with f.safe av.

    F.safe will find the email thats infected- now search for that email in outlook and when you find it, delete it.

    Do same again until all infected files are deleted. 

    Now empty deleted folder and delete the copied email folders on your desktop.

    Delete the deleted folders and empty waste basket.

    Now rescan with F.Safe.


    Finally go to start» search and type in MRT. When the microsoft scanner opens select the third button- it will tell you your pc will be restarted.

    On restart it will scan your drived fully- offline.

    Now look in the quarantine of the MRT scanner and see if it found any viruses.

    If they are quarantined leave them alone as they cannot harm your pc now.

    And thats it- I have a pc that runs like new!!

  • Näsäviisas
    Näsäviisas Posts: 784 Superuser
    What a hard work Johnioann!
    Really. But you are good writer.

  • Johnioann
    Johnioann Posts: 9 Explorer
    Thank you. Yes it’s hard work but has paid off as pc is now 100% clean. It’s a shame the anti virus software does not stop the virus before it gets into the .pst folder- which cannot be scanned and the virus deleted.
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