Serious problems in China

AngryFinn Posts: 4 New Member
For the past few days Freedome has been misbehaving badly. I've literally spent the whole day trying to make a Facebook post, and it's now 23:45 and still haven't been able to. Connection takes AGES and when it does, it drops off in a couple of minutes; I've been able to load the Facebook's front page but haven't been able to do much else. A week ago it was working just fine, no problems whatsoever and really fast. Now it's like trying to connect to the Jupiter. What the hell happened? If it continues like this, I want my money back as I paid for the whole year and not for two weeks, for crying out loud. Now I have a little better chance that I switched to the US servers, it keeps the connection open longer. Long enough to send this post, I hope! And can you please tell me why with my 4-core, 8GB machine it takes 12 seconds to move to the server selection screen from the main page in the program?! I mean come on!


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