my PC jamm everytimes in virus scan at svshost.exe

Help me


  • Timo66Timo66 Posts: 4

    When SAFE start scan virus project, my pc jamm in status svchost.exe

  • Timo66Timo66 Posts: 4

    My pc is WIN 10

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    There was such topic:


    Do you able to re-check unofficial suggestion from noted topic (?!); Looks like that your experience related with previous topic (where feedback did not comes);




    // also recently I read the F-Secure knowledgebase article about compatibility trouble with certain brand of laptops/PCs (and their own performance (?!) tool-software); BUT... I do not able to find it on current day. So - already not sure about content of such article -> but maybe it was possible related;

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    @Timo66 wrote:

    My pc is WIN 10

    So is this a regular Windows 10 or a build from insider program?

  • Timo66Timo66 Posts: 4

    Original win 10.

  • Information to Timo66

    I was looking for info about svshost.exe in internet by Google search.
    It might be
    - virus
    - bug
    - Microsofts system process
    - something else

    This reply does not give peace & rest.
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    Another quick check: is it really svshost.exe and not svchost.exe? The latter is Microsoft's service host executable that is just a way for them to run background activities without needing separate processes. Eg Windows Update, file system caching optimizer and many other things run on the latter
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