Apple iTunes Credit Card Fraud!


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    This is really damm very worst happened. Now we too have to be get secured and only purchase from the company website only. No other websites will be entertained


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    Yeah precisely,



    My confidence with Apple is slipping by...


    I've got people remotely control my Mac since last year while I'm Beta Testing F-Secure for Mac Antivirus.


    I'm not so sure what comes next with 10.8 Mountain Lion.


    There was a saying...


    "Well it's like ACME in the works like Wiley Coyote... and nothing works on catching the Road Runner."


    lol! Smiley Very Happy


    My biggest concern is with their Security!




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    Please see the video clip below: - The Credit Card Fraud sources comes from China and Luxembourg. Just take note of it. About the last video clip I don't think someone will send you an email asking for your AppleID. There are numerous time that someone did hack into the AppleID and changes every password.
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    Ohm it really sad!!! Now whom you can trust? Even I had a credit card associated with iTunes account. When I checked my debt card transaction. My card was not associated with any iTunes account .i got to know that a fraudulent charge for $ 32.56. Now how does that happen?

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    One of my bad experiences with using a Mac is that someone, did managed to hack into my Macbook and remotely control my computer. (This is not a one time problem. Infact many times!, Someone did read into my emails)


    AppleID hacked is common! Someone managed to get into your AppleID and find out that your password have been changed into.


    I remember that I do a beta testing with Kaspersky AntiVirus for Mac and found out that there is a Java virus.


    Well Kaspersky said that Mac is 10 years behind in terms of Security.



    Sophos says ...



    In a way, what sophos said is true. But Cnet objected that..;title


    Let's face it... Mac do get viruses. It's not a myth anymore. It's a reality.


    In terms of Mac Security ... To my point of view... The security in Mac OS X is lacking!


    With all the problems that I had before. I am losing my confidence with Mac OS X.


    Well...  (Apple)  will implement a new strategy... but does it work??? 


    Some of the Apps in the Apple Apps Store are malware. So that 's why Apple implement the GateKeeper for Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion!




    If you come across that your credit card or debit card have been tampered with.


    It is advisable that you report the matter to your bank and make a police report. So do not wait for it to happen.


    Let the Bank know so that you will get your money back.


    Do not entertained any phone calls that someone is from the bank, and asked for your bank account.



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    Now whom you can trust???


    This is not one of the X-Files Questions to be asked.


    The X-Files Answer that I can give you is "TRUST NO ONE!"


    If I were you, be strong... go to the POLICE STATION and informed them about it!


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    Well someone like to gain access to my root account and starts REMOTELY control my computer.


    He would copying all my files from the root account!


    Another thing that he would do is to nosy paker. (To spy on other people)


    He is interested to know what I am doing.


    If he wants to know that, he would asked me personally.


    Most of the time I am doing Software Beta Testing.


    Well I did beta testing for Eset,Kaspersky,F-Secure. etc.


    I was a beta tester for Micorsoft.


    I signed up for Micorsoft Windows 2000 Coporate Preview Program. (It was for Windows Workstation and WIndows Server)


    On top of that I was also a 3Com beta tester.



    Let me tell you something.... How am I supposed to do my work. When you got all of these problems right in front of you!


    Someone is really doing all this things to me. How am I going to use my computer??!!! If someone were to do this to his computer.


    Will he get pissed off?


    You can download most of the software from the internet.


    But why did he need my data for?


    What is he interested???






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    Take note and  see the video.



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    rusli, why do you post everything here?..
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