Failures of anti-virus protection FS during testing

On a small old collection of viruses, the product was tested and then it turned out that the antivirus has problems. When the unpacking of viruses started, and the antivirus began to detect malware, after a while I stopped extracting and deleted the folder with malware, I saw that the antivirus was just frozen. I wanted to check the computer, but the antivirus did not answer, completely hung, just appeared the interface and that's it. Incorporated with difficulty the full scan, but also everything was hanging, other options also did not work. Antivirus works only after the system is rebooted.
Conclusion: Anti-Virus can not cope with a large number of threats, if the computer will have a strong attack, then the antivirus can not cope, but simply hangs up the computer will be infected.
This problem must be solved. I also reported in technical support and they confirmed this problem.


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     I also reported in technical support and they confirmed this problem.

    So.. probably there is not required any other unofficial opinions (as my own).



    But as my feedback/ask: how many files was there? I just recently (?!) checked about related meanings and also got some strange results (but maybe not so critical);

    And with my own feelings -> most of files during such 'attack' can be hooked/blocked/prevented (even not deleted yet); AND/or maybe system's checks also can be there; And if not only FS Protection was with freeze (or?! maybe only UI) - but system too -> maybe extraction/execution/processing also freezed;


    If we do not talk about 'run' all of them at one second/seconds;


    Anyway -> because you already with experience about contact their technical support and they confirmed it: probably there was some troubles. You're also able to re-check such webpage:

    Because - if during your 'testing' there can be something 'valid' for such meanings -> you able to be part of this program (as your conclusion with some meanings of potential 'bypass' or 'Temporary denial of service of Anti-virus');



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    Unpacked files was not too much, and there was a failure of the antivirus, the OS was working in the normal mode and without any braking. And the antivirus failure occurred, because. viruses got into the PC, after the restart of the system the antivirus began to detect them. Antivirus should not fail at boot, virus attacks. Agree if the antivirus refused, then the system can be hit. I hope to fix it.

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