F-secure total


I hope I´m not posting in the wrong forum post.

I wan´t too know how more about F-secure Total. I personaly don´t know nothing about this software.However I´ve had prewiosly a Safe licence (1Year) and this one have already experied.So what I wan´t to know is how much does a Safe licence disparts from a Total licence?

I´ve tried to find out some clues about this software but didn´t manage to figure out how much better(safer) this software will be for me compared to for ex a regular Internet security or Safe licence?

However I don´t find this software in many stores what I know today so I have a feeling of that this is a quite new software(expencive).

Will this software stand up for it´s promices-like block anoying ads,geo-tracking,block my real ip-adress,get acess to contents in other countries(sometimes web-tv is blocked for other countries),etc??



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